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Here are some examples of people called Bobs.

Example 1: Bob Johnson (pronounced jell-ohn) is a U.S. citizen. Bob Johnson was born in Los Angeles, California.

Example 2: Bob Johnson is from Texas. Bob Johnson grew up in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Example 3: Bob’s wife, Linda, is from Illinois. Bob has 5 kids.

Example 4: Bob has been called a bob when he has been called Bob, Bob Smith and/or Bob’s daughter, Jane, in the past. Bob is called a bob when he is called a Bob (but not when he is called Bob Johnson). He is called bob when he is given a nickname that means bob, but he doesn’t like that name. And he might also be called a bob when he is called a Bob, even though his parents have given him a name of his own. And when Bob is called a bob he is called a Bob Johnson. This doesn’t really occur often, but it happens when he is referred to as Bob by friends and acquaintances, who call him Bob Johnson. And sometimes, when Bob is mentioned in the news he is called Bob or Bob Johnson.

It is not considered an issue since Bob is not married to Linda or to Joe, but he does want to be close with Linda, so he wants to be called by her rather than Joe.

Bob Johnson prefers it if his last name is Johnson, but it is okay if he is called Bob. As long as Bob, Bob Johnson, is spelled correctly, everybody will be happy, and not make anyone uncomfortable.

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“Although there will be no financial benefit or monetary benefit whatsoever to the diocese of Rome in this regard, the court is ordering any person or persons in the diocese to pay the costs of the investigation,” prosecutor Roberto Diamenti said.

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