Why is a Bob called a bob?

The name of the Bob can be a reference to the word Bob Ross, and if it is a Bob, this does refer to the Bob, so I don’t see why not. (See also: Who’s your Bob?)

Did anyone ever ask Bob where he’s from?

No. He wasn’t going to talk about it.

What was the first Bob?

The first Bob started making bob shapes at a restaurant in Atlanta in 1996. The first Bob in New York actually began in 1996, at the Cafe Cucina in Union Square. However, the first Bob in San Francisco is from 1997, at the Gino’s Pizza in Union Square.

The first Bob in the U.S. was named Tom Baker?

Yes. However, the first Bob was a different Tom Baker, as his name was “Fanny” and there was a picture of him that was included in one of the posters in Bob Ross’ book “My Favorite Things”. You may ask why they didn’t call him the same name as the first Bob, since he was a different Tom Baker, but he was just too short to be “Fanny”:

I think you have to be careful calling people by their full first names, for a good reason: Bob is a very common first name in the U.S., as well as in a couple of other nations, and is one of the most frequently used first names in the U.S. (about four and a half times more often than “Jabber”, which I know is slightly unusual). But why would you use a first name when the only way to identify someone in a photo is a picture? (I personally don’t like to use my first name when I’m trying to look cool or act cool, but if you have an excuse to be a jerk, hey, I don’t care – the world needs more jerkiness!). The only way I can think of to avoid using your first name when posing in photos is to wear a hat and be an actual jerk, so do what you want to do.

The first Bob had no shirt.

I don’t know of anybody who ever had no shirt to wear to work.

What about the first Bob in Atlanta, Georgia, did he have to get a job?

He worked for a short while at the Gino’s Pizza.

What about the first Bob in NYC, did he have to get a job?