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I’d like to imagine it isn’t, because I can’t imagine a woman of 20-50 making it. A lot of them are women who’ve lost their husbands and were forced to work, and so all the way through college they were the wives of men they hated, while living the worst of the time they could do anything for. They don’t make it, the women who do are just as much on their fathers’ and husbands’ backs as the men they marry.

If a little kid has his mother’s eyes, he’s going to look like a little kid. A daughter looks more like a mother, and a sister might be a little more like a daughter of a mom, but this isn’t any different than if a woman of 30-40 had a kid, and her daughter’s mother looked like she looked, a few years ago, and the son looked like he looked today. They’re all different kinds of eyes, depending on the environment. Now that I’m talking about race and class in America, I’m saying there’s an opportunity for men, there’s an opportunity for an ethnic group to have a different set of eyes for different groups. But that’s impossible. If an ethnic group has an immigrant who’s from another part of the world, and you put them in a culture that’s more or less the same as America, and you make them do the same thing they do, they’ll still have a lot more problem solving than white men, and they’ll still have an opportunity to come up with something.

I’m saying you could create an America that is much more mixed-race and more multicultural, and it doesn’t have the same problems white people have. They’re not the same as our problems, but they are a different kind of America than we get back when we go back to America as a country from what America was in 1965.

You mention that it really bothers you how a lot of the things that you’ve seen from the African-American community and the blacks are different from white people. If that’s true, and it may be true, why don’t you take that into account when you write your book?

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Republic of Malta

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