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A dandy? You be the judge. I am not. You be the judge,” he wrote in an email to the Daily Beast, using a Twitter handle that his lawyers suggested he use only under special circumstances.

He had previously apologized to “diverse ethnic groups, women, and members of the LGBTQ community”—something he reiterated last week after receiving the notice. And according to a court filing, “the allegations in this complaint are untrue and fabricated to smear our client.”

The complaint, filed in April, accuses Trump of a variety of crimes, including rape, sexual assault, harassment, physical coercion, sexual misconduct, and intimidation under Title IX, as well as assault of an employee and a supervisor, and fraud and conspiracy. While the full suit—which can be read here as a PDF—denies the allegations, Trump’s attorneys are attempting to convince a judge to add a claim against former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, “whose alleged participation in a Trump beauty pageants was well known to Plaintiff and her fellow pageant contestants and to the public.”

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The filing did not specify whether Machado is still a contestant or a contestant who is alleged to be guilty. It does, however, note that Trump had an opportunity to take responsibility for the pageant’s conduct, but chose not to. As a result, he is accused of failing to protect contestants from Machado’s supposed misconduct by failing to warn them beforehand.

“That Trump chose to stand by and fail to protect those of us who trusted him and his professional judgment and his character is appalling,” the complaint reads. “A Trump Organization employee knows that Trump treats everyone with professionalism and respect. It’s unconscionable to ask an employee to do more than he is responsible for on the job.”

Trump’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz is seeking to have the complaint dismissed within 45 days after it is filed.

As for Machado, Trump’s campaign has released no public statements regarding her case. She is not currently involved with the campaign and was not expected to be featured in the 2016 Republican field, though she is a prospective state senator in Florida.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for her campaign referred The Daily Beast to Trump’s attorney’s email—something he has previously denied. A New Jersey federal judge is due to rule on a similar complaint against the campaign by Donald Trump Jr., a son of the real estate entrepreneur.

Trump has called women “pigs, slobs, and dogs” and claimed that he never touches

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