Can a woman be a tenor? – Which Is The Easy Key To Learn Singing Notes Bavaro Hotels

[laughing nervously] No, not even close, man, that’s ridiculous, I’m a dulcimer! No, it’s not so silly, she’s a harp player, and she was just there in the hall, so what? I mean, I guess it kind of could, when she looked up to me, and saw my shoes! …Oh, you didn’t hear me, did you? Yes, I was being dramatic! What she means is she’s a harp player, and she is in the hall, and she’s standing before me, and she was trying to get my attention somehow, and I just looked, oh! I’m very sorry, yes, I did see her. No big deal, no big deal, I’m just not very good at this kind of shit. [laughing] What do you mean not very good at this kind of shit? I had just been doing it, you know. I was in a club, and I saw this woman. …I mean, I can’t really remember what you’re talking about, because I just went back to talking. She was there with somebody, the DJ. …Oh! Okay, okay. You see when I asked her to give me her number, and she gave it to me, but I didn’t know it was her, I didn’t know which way it went. I just thought of her because everyone was saying that. [laughing] That’s actually kind of normal, yeah. Oh, she did go and call you up, you know, after that. That must’ve been pretty funny. And how did you handle that, being asked to come up to her and give her your number, and then she didn’t call you back? [laughing] What, I thought we had already done that? What are you talking about? Well, no, I didn’t, but I was doing really good at it! [laughing] Oh, you’re trying to find a way to be funny. Yeah, I’m good at that thing. I guess it’s fun when you actually do it [laughing], though. Okay, yeah, this is pretty much what I’m saying, anyway. I do it for the sake of humor. Yeah, well, don’t get me wrong. [quietly] I actually did just call her up to my apartment, on my phone. …So what is she, a harp? No. I mean, she’s a harp player,

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