Can a woman be a tenor?

Sure she can. But in the same way that a piano player or flute player can have more skills than a male, a tenor can have a different way of performing than a woman.

The male voice – the most common instrument – is a kind of machine. It’s powerful, but it can only make sounds through the ears. A female voice sounds through the vocal chords and can make sounds through the throat. The way we make sounds through the throat is a very different way of making sound. A voice has a very clear sound to it.

In a way if a woman sang, the voice we would hear would be much softer. In fact, a very weak vocal would be the thing we’d hear. It might sound like a whisper. A feminine voice can also be more delicate and melodic. And so a woman’s voice is very flexible, and because she’s a tenor she can be extremely different to a male tenor.

We know a lot about the human race. We know there are many species, so the question that is often asked is – how did other species get here? Were they brought here?

Very different. We don’t know that. We don’t know that they are going to be here one day, but there is a pretty good chance that this planet, which is our birthplace, is going to be a part of another evolutionary process. We don’t know when.

When did humans first evolve out of other species and start being able to have this conversation?

We don’t know. We are part of another process, which is evolution.

If this is the beginning of another evolution then where does this come from?

That is an interesting question. Evolution, to understand what we are is to understand the mind.

We think that the mind evolved, that this mind is like a computer. In the brain we think that the brain is going to tell us what we are doing. We need a computer to tell us what we are doing. This is the same way that when you play chess you need a computer to tell you when to move. That’s what your brain is doing.

So when this computer tells you what you have to do, then that is like the kind of evolution we have. This is a lot like the way in which we think that our minds evolved, and we need a computer to do that. To understand it, we need a computer to understand it. So if this is