Can bad singers become good? – Warming Up Exercises Before Singing

A- Yes, they do! That is why singers become better and better throughout a lifetime.

Q- I know you are also the guitarist in the band The Strypes. What are your thoughts on how good the band is, but how hard it is to play?

A- I am very proud of the Strypes. The songs are excellent, the band is very great, and we have a great time every show. When we are all in the same room, there are no issues.

Q- What has been the most difficult part about being on stage?

A- People always question me but I don’t really mind. I don’t care. They see me at show after show as I play my songs.

Q- You’re on the road with Red Hot Chili Peppers this summer. What are you most looking forward to this summer?

A- I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family. A lot of people say we’re on tour when we’re not, but I’m not on the road when I’m not doing a show.

Q- You mentioned that you do not like TV. What do you like to watch when you’re not working?

A- I really like to watch documentaries and to work on projects I’m excited about. There is something about the idea of being a part of some sort of historical event that is very interesting to me. There was a film where a group of people worked on the Titanic while the crew made plans to stop the Titanic. I love that kind of thing!

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This week’s Top 3 in our ranking of things to do in Calgary are as follows.

1. Stroll through Old Town and soak in the old mill at the Old Town Historical Society. Admission is $1 with an additional fee, so make it an early morning or evening visit.

2. Visit the Alberta Museum of History at the Alberta College of Art. A great museum, including lots of cool exhibits.

3. Head back on the city streets to experience the city’s eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. Get your city fix and a coffee, food or just wander.

4. Do what you love and celebrate Christmas at El Cielo and its festive decor.

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