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It’s a question I get asked a lot. In fact, I’m trying to get my wife to ask it to me: “What is a falsetto?”

Some of my best friends are women, and so I get asked the same every day. We have similar experiences โ€“ our voices seem to separate and sometimes it’s more subtle โ€“ and it definitely can result in a different quality. But there’s nothing wrong with it, and the key is finding something that works for you: if it sounds just right, it’ll be pretty darn good. If it sounds more “tomboy-y” (which is what I think you’re really looking for), the voice can definitely be a little muffled.

The idea that women are simply not as bright as men to begin with (and a lot of the sexism that goes on today) has a lot more to do with sexist male cultural conditioning (though it should be addressed with respect and sensitivity as well). Women aren’t stupid, but we’re not as bright. That’s because, as human beings, we are built for communication. When we’re talking to one person, our minds are constantly working on things in order to think what our other self is saying is appropriate or not.

The more communication we engage with, the quicker those thoughts get processed โ€” and with it, the sooner we learn to process women’s words and their behaviors as they are. Just as a man who gets to the point of becoming self conscious will be able to recognize when the conversation has taken the wrong turns or, if he’s being kind, will recognize himself for being kind. We don’t become aware of male sexism until we have the experience and the knowledge to spot it, even when there is ample evidence and reason to suspect it.

The idea that we’re all equal is false. We were built as individual human beings to function as a unit, and when we communicate with each other, we are building new social and moral networks (and our social interactions will become the foundations of those in which we eventually develop the ability to function together and build our civilization). That includes speaking to a female. If you can’t do that with respect, you’re more likely to be sexist, and more likely to be sexist against women of a different class.

Source(s): I have two daughters and I grew up with feminists. This is where I learned about femininity/masculinity being two different concepts.

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