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If there is swelling or pain after you have vocal nodules you should see your doctor immediately

Who should not have vocal nodules?

You are at high risk for problems with their appearance and symptoms. For example, you may have a skin condition such as fungal vaginosis or a skin disorder such as vitiligo – especially if you have any of the following, or if your condition can be exacerbated by vocal nodules:

fungal vaginosis

gastritis – an enlarged or inflamed area of the stomach

a skin disorder which can cause skin to become red or change color – these are often caused by skin cancer and can come and go quickly

papillary necrosis – a blood vessel damage caused by a cancer

a skin disease – eg alopecia

in women who have pre-menopausal symptoms – such as hot flushes or irregular menstrual periods

What can you do?

If you have a speech problem called a laryngospasm you will usually just need to see your doctor for any other symptoms such as a sore throat or swelling.

If your voice sounds funny or you feel as if you are having trouble speaking try:

mild muscle relaxation

muscle relaxers such as Epsom salts, L-theanine or Valium

a gentle massage or cold shower
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an hour’s sleep

If your vocal nodules are not painful, they will most likely gradually go away. They may even go away completely.

However, if you still have pain after having your first or second vocal nodules, your GP can refer you to a speech therapist who can help you to change how you talk. Your GP also tells you what treatment is recommended. Your speech therapist will help you plan the treatment, and if it does not work you can always come back to your GP.

For some people – especially elderly people with dementia or other disorders – vocal nodules can be a problem. If you think you might have vocal nodules and find that your voice does not make sense after a week of rest, or that it gets worse – see your GP. Speak to them and explain what happens, so that they can be sure you should be seen and treated.

A Word From Verywell

Vocal nodules are not generally painful and will gradually go away but they may be painful for a day or two after they get bigger or they start to hurt

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