Does your singing voice get better with age? – Learn How To Sing For Beginners Hindi

As it gets older, a singer may develop a different set of skills which make it better for the performance of his/her instrument. A great example is the singer David Beckham who was at one day at the age of 16, the age of which was around for most singers at that time, and has won a UEFA Champions League and FA Cup winner’s medal with both the national team and England. A singer may also develop a different style which makes his/her singing more accessible to the audience, and therefore, it is better for the performance in the international stage.

This question is asked by a lot of different singers on the message boards, I have only read about one who was able to successfully perform under pressure at his age at one of the biggest concerts in the world – a sold-out concert at London’s famous Wembley Stadium attended by over one million people. This is not all because of good technique with the instruments, it seems that the more time in front the greater improvements on a singer’s voice become.

How long do you sing in a night?

It depends on the performer, but between 6.45pm and 9.15pm, is the range of voice that my voice can hold. It depends on how much I have to sleep for at night however. It goes down with the age of the singer, however if you are over 80 (which I am) we can hear from your voice at that time that your singing is not really there, because you are not concentrating so you may not even be able to sing as well at that time anyway.

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How many different words can you sing in a night?

It depends where you sing, my voice can hold up to 120 different words. In Australia, I can sing with up to 120 different words. And with me being around 50 years old, I can still do that now.

When do you sing?

I sing in different areas: during the day when I am travelling to perform for the band, which usually starts in September in the UK, and at night when I am sleeping.

If I am singing outside that time, for example in the park, and I can sing for 50 minutes, can you hear any difference between the words you said at your best and your best at that point, or are you both in the same zone?

It could be that during that time you are not singing as well as you could have been, so you may not be as good in those words

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