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Learn to do vocal exercises first and the second thing you do is you put your vocal exercises on. I’m using the same ones you use in your training: put your mouth in your pillow at the back of the head and open your mouth up. The goal is to open your mouth as wide as you can and as high as you can if you want more air pressure in the middle of your vocal chords. Make sure you close your mouth and push out as much air as you can because it will feel good. Keep putting air in it and if you feel any pressure in your vocal chords you can add more air if you want. Start by doing this and when you get all the air in you can add some air to your voice by pushing in a little bit more. When you are starting this you probably just want to do this and try to get good and strong. It can be a little tricky. You are usually trying to keep the lips open and moving up and down but sometimes you’ll be pushing so much I can’t really get you into anything deep in your voice. I’m using a lot of exercises to get you to that point and then I’ll practice to see if I can do any better. This will usually allow you to make more changes than if you just tried a song one time and just tried every single one. You might need to train yourself several times. I like to practice and then I will train myself once or twice a day.

What kind of vocal changes could I make first, and what would help those changes, and what would help my vocal development?

One of the things you should not do is start with any new vocal changes without really getting into exercises. It can be fun and rewarding but the exercises can be way too long for you to work on anything with that much time investment. Practice using the same exercises and do a lot and build up the muscle memory. If you can’t practice then do it slowly. The most important thing is to start a little and learn the basics and then after a while gradually increase the number of vocal exercises you do from 5 to 10, and then up to 15, etc. One of the most important things is to try to find a vocal part you’ve never heard or that you’ve never done and you can practice it quickly. It’s important that you train slowly for a little while and if you can do 15 or 20 times then you are probably ready to move on to something more advanced.

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What is a great vocal performance technique?

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