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Hornet & Hornet, an American pop-culture magazine, was the first comic strip to be syndicated to television. … The comic strip went on to appear on radio, television, and film, notably in the 1975 comedy TV movie Big Bird. … The first part of the strip was published to the magazine on June 29, 1975, when it was part of a …

(NaturalNews) Even now, despite the ongoing drought plaguing most of North America, some corporations are continuing along with the fossil fuels industry, while others are pulling out of the climate change game altogether. But some Americans are refusing to take orders from the corporate elites, including U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow.Despite Stabenow voting for the Iraq War, she says she will fight for her values to change the direction of the country.According to Stabenow in a recent interview with Politico , “I won’t give up on climate change just because it makes for some cheap political theater. And I won’t give up on our commitment to a clean energy economy.”The senator has a long history of saying that climate change is real and needs a serious, long-term solution. She has also been a vocal supporter of renewable energy, and during her 2013 reelection year she announced a plan to double the federal investment in renewables by 2022.””There’s too much at stake to back down. We will not back down. And when I’m back at the negotiating table, I will get this done,” she said.To be sure, some of Washington’s most powerful corporate lobbyists have also been openly rejecting climate change reality. Among them is CEO of the $2 billion chemical and fertilizer company, Syngenta AG, John Robb.Last year Robb told Bloomberg that he doesn’t think “the science is settled”; he insisted, “We’re a very open-minded company . . . We really don’t take a stand on the climate.”For what it’s worth, the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson, said in a 2010 documentary that if carbon dioxide continues to spike, it will lead to human-caused global warming of about two degrees Celsius by the end of the century.And in addition to the