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He made an underwater cave.

Noah said to his sons,
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“Go after a small fish and make it into an ark for me to sit on. Then I will return after you. And while I am in the cave I will tell my sons how to build me a boat for me and a net for me. And I will open the nets all around me; I will lead away those who are in them, and I will give them in, and I will take from among them a man who will inherit my kingdom.” (Genesis 6:1-17)

The ark, as the most important symbol found in all creation, is the Ark of the Covenant; the house of the Lord, where he places the righteous before the throne of glory, where he judges between the nations. In its deepest mysteries, the ark is the divine expression of the covenant for the salvation of the world’s children. Its ark represents the covenant in action, where the people of God abide under its protection. In a more general sense, the ark represents one of the three symbols of Abraham or of Christ: the Cross, the Lamb, and the Holy One. This meaning of the ark is also found in Genesis 1:26, where the ark is called the “place of the covenant” and the waters cover its bottom. According to the Book of Numbers, the ark was called a “portal” to the world. The ark was a sanctuary of God, and the Lord commanded Noah to build it. As we learn more about Noah, we might also see his significance when looking beyond the ark: the ark represents the spiritual and temporal kingdom that Christ was granted by God, and the ark also is a symbol of baptism and the covenant between God and Israel. The most appropriate place for the ark would be the holy of holies, and it was here that Noah placed the ark of the covenant, the Ark of the Covenant, for the salvation of humanity from all its evil.

The ark was carried to water by a flood.

On the day of Noah’s flood the ark of God was carried to the Ark of the Covenant. “To [be carried] were the ark of the testimony and of the gospel of the Lord, that the LORD might be glorified,” says God in Genesis 6:7. The flood was a very literal flood, and even today one may see in most river channels evidence of this flood.

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