How do voices work?

All voices have a specific frequency that they sound at. If the voice has higher than average frequency, it will be heard as louder when compared to other voices. There is usually a difference between the high and low frequencies and these will differ as the person hears different soundwaves. There is also an inherent quality to the voice itself, as there is a relationship between how loud the voice sounds, the voice speed and other factors.

How many voices there are in the world?

In the world, there are approximately 710,000 living species of birds in the world, of which 600,000 live in the UK (with the rest living somewhere else), however there are about 50,000 species which are not represented in the census. The US census has roughly 40,000 different vocalizations to those that can be seen on the BBC Wildlife Programme.

If we add up all of the different species living in the world, it can be found that each has a unique acoustic signature (one of which you will never hear) and different voices will produce different sound effects as well.

Voice Over Jobs

Voice-overs aren’t necessarily about being the voice of a character, but more so being able to give someone else a voice through their actions. It is this ability that usually leads to a job being a voice over. From being the voice of a character that moves, to working as a voice actor to being a host who does the voice overs.

When did voices first come about? Teach Yourself to Sing Software for PC & Mac

The first recorded voice over occurred in 1775 when a Spanish missionary recorded a message through the voice of a mute man. His was the first recorded record with the term “voice”. The voice over soon took off, however it wasn’t until 1922 that British actress Emily Ward entered the field. Ward became the first female voice actor in the UK and a very successful one at that, being praised for her talent, as well as being a popular host on late night television, especially on ITV4 and 3.

Actors are required to record their own voice, as if they don’t, they can’t record the voice over themselves. There have been many voices over performed on the silver screen that have never come to anything, such as Richard Thompson’s “The Legend of Gru in Hell” in Hellboy (2009) and Stephen Fry as Superman in Man of Steel (2013).

What’s the difference between voiceovers and voice acting?

As you might imagine, voice over is different from