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The simplest way is to keep working. Just sing from a start with some notes that you already know, and don’t overthink it.

My best advice is to sing with a clear focus and not try to impress anyone.

The best way is to sing with a clear focus and not try to impress anyone.”

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You see, when we’re being honest about some things, it’s because it’s the truth. This is the sort of thing we should all have done a long time ago. I’m sure it’s not the only time you’ve thought to yourself, ‘Ah, why did this person always say these things’ after reading this article or watching this video.

So I thought I’d ask some of my friends, friends of friends and even people who read my blog if they thought I’d had something wrong with me, or that my relationship with the truth was a bit shaky, or all those other things. We can only have so many of them, and we shouldn’t forget what makes people tick. As much as we can, try to find ways to have a positive attitude and keep our conversations with others on track.

‘What’s your reaction so far? Does it feel like someone trying to make you feel bad?’

‘I really haven’t had any reaction, it’s been quite calm throughout’

‘I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I am. I can only see these videos as a way to vent about the shit I did in my life, not because anything bad will actually happen’
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‘I thought we were doing something nice together. I’d like to think it’s just a bit of an outcast feeling’

The truth

For me, when someone has actually come out and said they think I’m a racist, I was a bit flabbergasted. I mean, I’m white. I don’t think I’ve ever said I am a racist, so I had a moment of panic and thought maybe I’d been too harsh with them about some of the stuff I said.

Now, I had said there were some things in that article I did that I wish I hadn’t. And it was true, some of those things had hurt their feelings and I regret those. I’d also said

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