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When I’m in the studio, I sing in both key and key-change. As you can imagine, in the studio, you have to memorize the music but then you also have to sing in the key where you perform.

For me, singing in the key I perform in comes naturally. That’s very important.

In addition, if you play your own songs and your own songs in the studio, people will expect you to have the best voice, right?

I think that’s true but what’s really important is if you’re able to find a singer who’s willing to sing for you, or if there’s someone who really speaks to you.

Are you in touch with artists in the industry?

I’m really in touch with the artists I work with so I’m lucky to get to do all this stuff.

How are you living in Los Angeles?

I have a lot of free time at the moment, I play with a band called The Wild Ones and have been playing live gigs for like two years. I’m living with friends in the Westside so I have a couple different apartments and they get to stay with me when I’m touring as well. I also have a small apartment in Santa Monica, California, which is a beautiful spot.

I have a place in downtown Santa Monica, an apartment with a balcony. I love being outside and seeing the sunset every night.

What types of experiences do you enjoy the most?

I try to always try new things and challenge myself in different ways. I enjoy traveling but it’s all about finding your own pace.

Can you give me a few more tips to help with that?

There are always different challenges with playing live. There’s a lot of different things to look for, different things to have to be wary of, different ways to try to deal with the crowds. It’s almost like learning to be a pro, there are all these different things. There are things you can do before, like try and make arrangements and talk to a venue before you go on stage. Then there’s things you can do after, like make sure it’s a good set. I like to look for things you can do that are going to keep the crowd entertained and make it feel like it’s a good performance. That’s what I love the most.

What are some of your favorite places to go?

I have a very specific taste, I like to

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