How do you sing nicely? – Good Songs To Learn Singing Psalms

The answers are:
Beginners Tips For Singing in 2020 | Singing techniques ...

Learn to sing a melody.

Choose something like “Hallelujah” and try to sing it to loud and long-lasting applause.

Learn how to harmonize or sing a simple harmony between two chords.

This is a fun way to learn to sing. Try singing a simple harmony you see on TV or “Hallelujah” using melodies like G#-D#-E-F#-Abb-Gb and then practice for several weeks until you have them down.

Do you think singing in public is boring? Does it take courage? What song(s) do you sing? Let us know in the comments!

By John Shiffman

A long time ago, back when John and I were on the air, there was a famous television interview that featured a man who talked about his love for the New England Patriots and how he would not be able to watch games because of the anthem protests. He was a football fan and a devout Christian. I don’t know if he ever watched any Patriots games in his life, and he didn’t answer my question about what he thought about the protests, but he did say later in the interview that he has since moved on to other sports, and I was pleased that he and I would share a little insight into that.

The reason people watch sports is not to cheer for the team, but rather to see how people will engage with the game. In the course of one NFL season, you might see several hundred players protesting one or more specific words used by athletes. The protests, however, are not being conducted in the same way that the military was once subjected to. When Colin Kaepernick protests by kneeling during the national anthem, NFL teams are not required to show an offensive or negative film, but are instead allowed to show either a positive or neutral film.

Colin Kaepernick did not protest the National Anthem, and that is a good thing. Not only does he have every right to protest the National Anthem, but he needs to do so while doing so in a manner that is respectful to the U.S. military and its soldiers. In his initial protests, Kaepernick has refused to stand while the anthem plays. However, because the NFL and its players are not required to show a positive film or movie, he has been compelled to choose between sitting in the stands or wearing an uncool shirt that shows his discontent. If you watched the film about the Patriots’ game against the San Francisco

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