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Why do you look so cute, I wonder…?”

“Do not worry, you’ll know by the third dance. My father is really cute. That girl is really beautiful too, isn’t she? She’s so cute I always want to play with her. If I play with you, I’ll definitely make you a big sister!”

“I see, now I want to go have a dance.”
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While looking at the third girl, I walked away with Kefin, who was following me on a walk. After walking a long time, I stopped in front of a huge fountain.

“Kefin! Kefin! This is a fountain, right!? Let’s go inside here!”

“What is it?”

Kefin, who came to me, was surprised by my appearance, but he went over and saw it.

It wasn’t only a fountain.

There were many statues with the face of the goddess and the wings of wings. The statue of the goddess had a long, green branch of a flower in place of the eye. It was in the middle. There were different trees around it too, but the leaves were all different. It looked like it was just a plain statue… But they were all a bit different.

“Ah, is that the statue of the Goddess, my father?”

“I believe her statue is inside the church. Kefin here was so confused before, I thought he was going to throw it away. Hey~”

“Hey, what’s going on? Is there a shrine called the goddess of beauty inside the temple too?”

Kefin, who seemed confused, had looked towards me as he asked.

“Well… I’ll be honest. I can’t really go in there.”

I looked at the statue of the goddess of beauty once more. I had decided to give her a different name, but the other names were still pretty much the same from before. Although looking at them, it looked like the goddess had not changed.

“… I’ll take Kefin’s advice.”

“But, you are Kefin’s subordinate after all… I’ll take you in as well, right?”

“Ah… that would be fine too.”

The girl called Kefin smiled at me.

“Then I’ll leave you to Kefin!”



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