How long does it take for voice to change? – How To Learn Martial Arts At Home By Yourself In Hindi

            It would probably take maybe four to six weeks. Maybe eight weeks.
            I like this project! Now I know how I could do it!
            I don’t know. I don’t really know the answer.
            But, I know the answer. If I could make my voice look like Molly’s, she would be just right. That way I know we’re just the same person.
            I didn’t really feel like this one. It just seemed to be a way to be like Molly, but not Molly. Maybe it would look cool and weird to say the two were one, but this is Molly.
            “So, what are you gonna do?”
            Dee’s face was twisted the way she was, and all she said was, “I’m not sure.”
            I looked away. It felt wrong, but I couldn’t really look away from her face.
            “Dee, look at her!”
            Suddenly, my hand found the table and lifted it away from the table. Dee and Molly looked up at me.
            “No,” I said. I was about to say, “No, it’s too late for that. All I should do is say, ‘I’ or ‘Me’ or something like that. We could be a couple! And I could become her! If she had been the same way about our first kiss, that’d be fun.”
            I was really glad that Molly and Dee had caught on to my point.
            “You said you wanted to get together. You said you were in love. What about this other part of you?”
            “Oh, we’ll be living together, yeah.”

            “I’d be her best friend. The two of us and her sister. And I’d have access to her and the rest of the group.”
            “What? She’s not doing that with you.”
            “It wouldn’t be incest. I’d have more people I could talk to.”
“But it would look like a lesbian relationship!”
“That’s not why I wanted to live with her,” I said. “I was in love to be with her. But that’s not why I wanted to live with her. I wanted to know her, and I wanted to be friends with her.”
Molly was shaking her head.

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