How long does it take for voice to change? – Learn Singing In 30 Days

You may have noticed that voice seems to change over time. For some people, this is a sign that it’s taking longer than others for voices to change. You might also have noticed that it’s easier to hear or understand someone who has the same voice as you. This can mean that you’re more comfortable with the language but this changes over the course of time. Voice doesn’t change overnight!

It took me 4 months to realize that this was my voice, and I felt that this was going to take a long time. I tried to figure out what was going on but realized that I didn’t really understand what was happening (i.e. I really didn’t know the voice was different). I went on to tell others my voice was changing but none of them believed it and I didn’t get a lot of help from people.

Voice changes over time – is it normal?

At first, I thought that my voice may have always been a certain voice but it wasn’t until we began using technology that I realized the actual thing was going to change. This meant that now my voice changed, however it could be different than me.

I used to talk pretty easy when I used to work full time and I used to be very patient with everything, however when I was trying to find my voice through technology I would be less patient or even lose patience in a conversation. I would be more open and approachable and would start talking too fast, and my tone would also change.

I would have a very different way of speaking when I was listening to my computer, and even if I thought I was being honest, I would sound off-putting or off-putting. In fact, sometimes I’d have to make myself stop using technology, and I’d have to really listen to my voice.

This wasn’t the only change that occurred. I used to speak with a softer tone and my voice would sound a tad higher than when I would sing in front of the same number of people. It’s funny thinking back, but I don’t think my singing voice will ever be the same.

How did you feel when you first noticed you were changing the tone of your voice? Do you think there’s anything you can do about it?

In fact, I find this whole thing a bit embarrassing (and I’m not trying to cover up a bad thing for others…I just want others to come to terms with the fact that this is normal for them

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