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The average is about 8.5 hours, but some of you may need more. You could work around the clock, which can be dangerous. The most important thing is to train regularly if you are a solo singer and be smart about the timing.

The average time to become a certified solo singer is about 12 months. If you are really confident about your singing, then do it in 30 days. If you don’t believe it, then see the professional singer who have worked with some of the greatest artists of all time.

How long do you work a day?

The most important thing is to get a full routine going in your day. For instance, if you would like to study for a exam, then you don’t have to study for 1 hour per hour. The most important thing is to be in a routine. It is not uncommon for a songwriter to work 2 – 4 hours a day, if they are good enough to do that. But even on your days off, you can rest. That is how you know if you have worked hard enough and learned what you need.

Can I travel to sing?

Yes! You do have permission to travel to sing anywhere. If you have been asked to take a job overseas, it would be fine to take them up on it and travel and sing with them. In addition, you may have some of the best musicians in the world perform with you too.

Should I take a contract? or an audition?
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In Canada (and many other countries) you are given the opportunity to take an audition by signing one prior to your audition. You will be given the opportunity to sing and ask for a contract. If you turn them down, then that is the end of the contract. In Ontario you must do that in person, and then that is it. If the singer is willing to be interviewed in person you can do another audition to sign a contract.

How long does it take to become a certified solo singer?

If you are able to do 20 hours per week (or more), and practice 3 – 4 hours per day every day, then you’ll be a certified solo singer. However, if you are a great singer with a great voice, and you can’t train that often enough, then you will need to do a lot more before you get certified. This means you may need to take a couple of times off to work. There is a list of singers who are training now who have

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