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What was bitumen used for, what was its production? You can easily see the evolution of the use of bitumen in northern Alberta from the beginning of a large scale oil sands expansion in the 80’s into the late 70’s and early 80’s where it was one of the most common fuels in use to drive industry. So as we look towards the future, what is there to stop the use of bitumen, what challenges can be mitigated through different methods?

You can take a look at the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) site:

The first question that immediately arises is “what’s bitumen?”

Firstly one must remember that bitumen is a bitumen/oil mixture, that is an oil solids and gasses mixture with varying quantities of water/propane and hydrogen. This is not a liquid substance. Therefore, when we talk about bitumen it has to do with the type and degree of hydrogen content.

Hydrogen is a hydrogen atom joined to an oxygen atom. The hydrogen molecule consists of two hydrogens and a carbon atom that is one of three basic forms (carbon, hydrogen and oxygen). In the case of bitumen this is actually one of three different species (as we are concerned with bitumen).
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When you are talking about liquid, your most relevant term in that instance is to say that liquid form of the hydrogen molecule where there is about 18 percent hydroxyl (OH), and 6 percent oxygen. As I mentioned previously, bitumen has about 18 percent hydroxyl and 6 percent oxygen by weight. If you’re talking to someone from a business perspective, it’s a bitumen/oil product; however, if in fact you’re talking to the industry, then you could say that one of the main materials you can use in the process of bitumen is in the form of oil and bitumen, or bitumen as a derivative of vegetable oil.

In order to make sense of this terminology we need to know a bit about hydrocarbon molecules and the hydrocarbon process is quite complex. Let’s talk a bit about hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are molecules that have one carbon atom and a hydrogen atom. They consist of one carbon and one hydrogen atom and have the formula: C2H8Cl2. Hydrocarbons can be classified into three groups. We have the basic hydrocarbons, and then there are a number of different “extractive”

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