Is it bad to sing everyday? – How To Learn Singing Indian Song 2017 Nashy

What does it mean to be a good musician? To be a good musician you have to be able to tell a story, you have to be able to tell a story well and your voice can do that. It’s not that I dislike singing, I love singing. I enjoy it. I wouldn’t put it past me, as being a good, kind, considerate human being. You know what I mean? It can be a joy to do, it can be a humbling experience but for me if it makes me feel good, it makes me feel like I have some power, of being a good person. Being as much as possible good and being as much as possible human. But of course sometimes you’re just in the shower listening to your music, you just turn off your ear muffs and then when you’re in the shower, sometimes you’ll just be in the shower listening to the music and going, “I would be able to make a difference”. It’s so much easier, I find. I love it when I can just put my feet on the floor and the music’s playing on the other side of the room and it just takes me away from what I’m going through. It’s so much easier, you know.

You’ve been on the road a lot over the past 3 years and I think a lot of people would be scared to travel. Are you still frightened? I would say for people who aren’t in love with the art form, but for people that are in love with the art form, that when they come to the shows I do and hear that music, and when they go out to eat with me and hear what I speak to them in terms of how we approach each other and how we interact with things, it’s so easy. I feel like I am such a great communicator and I’m so passionate that people are able to listen to what I say and not always know what I mean or don’t mean. That’s one thing I appreciate about making these shows, because there’s no need to guess. There is no mystery on stage with me. There are only three words, “How are you?” The music speaks for itself.

Well I would say this is like a musical version of “The Apprentice”.

Well it’s a musical version of “The Apprentice”. You could watch me on stage!

Yes I would but that’s your choice and if someone told me that I would put on a show like that and I would play all the instruments

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