Is it haram to be a singer? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing With Harmonium Songs Hindi

“It is haram to sing in a salaqah (in public during the worship of God)” 
Do you have any doubt in that statement?

” When you pray , say: ”  ‘I seek refuge with Thee, Lord of the worlds ‘ 
You should not ask for any other blessings from a deity than to have mercy for yourself ,and for your families. (2:178)
“Allah Most High says:
” O you who believe! Do you believe? Then go to the house of Us (Allah) and say: ‘O Lord, there is a man who has committed a big sin, even worse than that of Abu Talib (or the prophet). And I say to him:  ‘Do you know?’ Do you know? Then give him alms. Then he will be glad and will return in peace to you, the believers, and you will be pleased and you will see your own face.”
 The Prophet then said to his companions: “Go with that man.” (Narrated by al-Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawud.)
“Your Lord knows best who has committed a sin, and whoever commits a sin that he is sorry for – if it is good for him, so that he may forgive it, and so that he does not go astray from the correct course, then his fault will be forgiven him, (but if it is harmful for him, he will be blamed) by Allah; but in the latter case, one may not forgive the innocent.” [At-Targhib Al-Jabir]
Do you see the difference between the word “worship” in 2:178 which is in reference to the worship of Yahweh,  “to do alms” and “to go out to pray” ? “Alms” in 2:178 is a “laudable and laudable” act  because if you do it, you can ask for many blessings from a deity, you can go to the houses of your lord to pray and do not need any other blessing. When you say “Alms”, you are giving Allah some permission to do His will and to do what He wants  , if you pray for him, he will return in peace, and if you do not pray, then you will not face the same judgement that we face on a daily basis. “We seek refuge with You, Lord of the worlds”. What is “wors

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