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That’s a different question.

There is no right or wrong answer. If you’re singing from a really good source like ‘I Feel A Thing’, you learn how to start off, how to sing in key, and how to sing as a whole. If you’re singing a song off a CD, it’s a whole different thing.

This will be something that you’ll learn. As with any other skill, it will become part of you as you get better at it. So maybe you’ll want to learn to sing a different music, but you can always use it when you need to, as a back up or a filler, etc. The key here is that they both mean something different to you. The way to learn to sing a song is to sing it as best you can, and then to decide what kind of song you want to sing and work from there.

Don’t take things too seriously.

Being serious about anything is the last thing you want. That’s why so many people don’t have any serious interests at all. Life is like that. You’re living in the moment, you’re having fun. Sometimes it’s good to be a bit frivolous and silly so that you don’t lose yourself in thought or feel too serious. But if you’re being serious about anything, or if you really feel it’s a “proper” thing to be doing, it’s probably not going to be fun.

As I’m sure many other music enthusiasts feel, I’m usually a light-hearted person. My real thoughts usually start with a thought that feels like a joke, and then morph into something that feels pretty serious. When it’s something serious, I just sort of have a funny voice and light-hearted attitude like “Oh wow- that was actually a seriously serious thought”.

I try to be able to laugh at something serious. When I’ve done a song in the past a long time ago or when I’m writing music or an idea or a theme, there’s lots of times where, if the idea or theme is really serious, I’ll laugh it off and make fun of myself like “This really isn’t as serious as I thought it was. It really is a fairly silly song! But I know that I’m doing it a bit serious!”

So keep that in mind too.

If you look on the internet you’ll find people who say “oh I was thinking of doing something like that…”. What I generally say to myself

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