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A liquid can be any one of the 3 main ingredients in any water-soluble substance including water. However, because the temperature-temperature curve of a solid liquid is much smaller than that of a gaseous state, the freezing temperature of a liquid can be very different than that of a liquid.

The freezing point (the temperature that creates the greatest likelihood that water reaches its solid structure) is also determined by its molecular weight. If the molecule’s molecular weight is greater than or equal to 1.5, it is considered a solid and cannot be frozen solid. In fact, the freezing point of a liquid gas is significantly reduced by its molecular weight. For this reason, gases are thought to be liquid. This is why liquid nitrogen, for instance, is classified as a gaseous state rather than being a solid.

However, if the molecular weight is a small number – below 0.2 – a liquid state is defined and the temperature can be made more stable by freezing the object into it.

How would I know if a liquid or gas is solid?

For the sake of clarity, liquid and gas are often called solid, fluid or liquid, or mixed.

If a liquid is present in the atmosphere, and a gas is present in the atmosphere, a boundary layer is created which is an area between the two of them. It is sometimes called a layer, or an ice-shelf. This is a very useful tool for measuring the solidity of an object.

If a liquid and a gas form a boundary layer in the atmosphere, a certain value of the freezing point is set and an object is more likely to break (or fail) at the point where they meet. In other words, if the object is at room temperature, the freezing point would be at or near the freezing point for the air – no matter what type of liquid it is.

How would I know if an object is solid?

To know if a substance is solid, a number of measurements can be taken:

1] The properties of the object can be measured by applying tests. These tests may include temperature, pressure, time or some other measure.

2] The characteristics of the object can be checked by observing it from a distance. This might include:

1] The appearance of the material

2] The texture of the material

3] The internal shape of the object (see ‘Internal shape’ below)


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