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Singing is an innate feature in most non-Western societies. However, the vast majority of singers are born as males, and most are not aware of this fact until they have moved to a Western country with no cultural values on the matter or until some of these singers reach middle age and discover they sing as females. Some singers in Western countries will be born as females despite being aware of this.

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Most singers are attracted to the feminine vocal chords, and this is because these are more easily acquired compared to the vocal cords that are more likely to be masculinized and masculine to other cultures.

Who should choose my singing career?

It is a matter of preference as to whether you choose to be a singer or not. Singers often think that a gender choice means that one has chosen to be a woman. In fact, there are many other advantages to choosing a gender than the “traditional” one (such as being able to move across the world without the fear of discrimination).

The main advantage of choosing a male role is to increase your career chances. For example, if you are a girl who chooses to sing because you enjoy singing and it gives you a sense of belonging and success in your culture, then you may find that if you are the only one of your group of friends who does so it may make you more social than if you had been a boy.

You find singing to be fun and relaxing, and your voice naturally conveys that. By being in a group of girls, you are not likely to end up on stage singing.

Most male singers, however, have many women in their circle who will sing for them and encourage them in this. The male singers are encouraged to sing for other men as well, because if the singing was not pleasurable to you, you would simply not sing with women.

For some male singers, it may not be possible to have a career choice that does not compromise their feminine preferences. Many vocalists, especially those who are from rural areas, choose to travel internationally in order to find people to sing for them.

Singers who have a family member who has a different gender will also find their singing career will not be the same as someone who has a father or mother who does not.

It is true, however, that the gender of the singer is not necessarily determined by their singing interests. Most non-Western singers are more likely to sing for females than sing for men. However, singers do

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