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Tar is a plant and there is no fossil record of it that is similar in appearance to that of modern plants. It grows in moist, warm regions and does not grow in deserts, in the middle of the desert, or underground. Tar is used for clothing. It is also used in making rope, rope wire, rope and rope fishing line, cloth for clothes, rope soap and rope glue, as well as for fire-clay. It should not be mistaken with the oil from the ground of tar.

In the United States, it is known as “wet tar,” “sundial tar,” “red tar” and “white tar” and is sold in bulk for use as a fuel in the manufacture of tar balls, for making candles, candles, soap, fabric, ropes etc. and as an oil for making paints. It is also used as a preservative; for example, the paint on the back of the door to your house that is not yellow.
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When used as a fuel, tar balls have a slight odor, a reddish yellow color and the tar has a very light sheen. When used as an oil, with the exception of one source, “white” tar does not have any odor. (See the article on “white” tar above.) “Red” tar also does not smell, but is rather a dark brown. Some tar balls have the appearance of dried cow hide or a cow’s hide, although the actual substance is plant based. (See the article on “Damp” tar below) “White” tar is black in color although the color of a “white” tar may not be as dark as the color of “damp” tar. “Red” tar has the appearance of a light brown. “Damp” tar has a very dark red color.

The tar balls have a very low combustible content, a density in the range of 20-25% is typical and most are not considered as being dangerous to human health. The tar balls are light in weight when compared with a “white” tar ball and are often compared to chewing gum (see the article on “White” tar below) and are marketed in the same manner.

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