Is women’s cricket pitch smaller? – How To Learn Singing Indian Song Video

One of the questions that is often asked is: Are women’s cricket pitches shorter?

In order to answer this we need to understand one of the biggest factors that effect women’s cricket. The surface of our playing field is determined by the shape of the ground, which is determined by its structure. For example, on the ground surface, there are two main types of grass, but on the pitch, there might be more than one type of grass.

The surface of a pitch is not a static shape. In fact there are variations in the shape of the ground due to the various factors. The surface is more or less flattened with respect to other players while the ball moves around the surface in a number of directions.

Some of these variations may be because of a changing weather pattern or the shape of the playing surface being changed from one time to another. In other words, the surface of a wicket can change in relation to the ball, so when the ball hits that wicket, it is more or less flat, not just a flat, flat-ish one.

This is something that the bowlers have to look out for, so it’s something that must always be considered during the planning stage.

When selecting the pitch, one of the crucial factors is to consider the shape of the wicket. So what we do is we measure how wide the pitch is. There’s no doubt about it, bowlers with more of a flat pitch will have a better scoring average than less flat bowlers.

Our test bowlers are a good example of what can happen when the surface shapes change:

Bowlers are tested on a ‘flat’ wicket © Getty Images

It’s a flat pitch then, so the ball hits it more or less flat, so it has more glide on it. This might not be the reason why the bowlers of Bangladesh went on to score four millions more runs, because they had a pitch which is less than flat. But we must also remember what a flat pitch means in practice: if something goes wrong, the pitch is not going to stay flat throughout the day, so bowlers have to have a really bad day if they want to get some runs off their overs.

So there’s only one major factor that impacts on a bowlers field: the pitch. I don’t know how well-informed these bowlers really are about the surface, but we certainly aren’t going to tell them that the surface of the pitch

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