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Ahead of the Ashes Test in Melbourne in May, we asked cricket experts the question: What about the pitches in Australia?

Some experts say the pitches in Australia are about the same as in England

The answer: not much.

In the Test series that ended in Melbourne in May, England held the edge: they managed a total of 3,564, but Australia managed a total of 5,862, with the highest score coming from Brendon McCullum’s five-wicket haul.

England averaged 3.22 and Australia 4.17 and were ahead by a mile in the total-run rate (6.18), while bowlers in Australia averaged 9.16 – five more than their average – and all six bowlers in India averaged 9.44 and scored 5,097 runs.

The only country where the difference is significant is India, where the average is only 4.05.

For every three days it takes India to play one series, the amount of time it would take England to play the same number of the same series is 2 instead of 4.

And it’s no wonder.

The men of India’s squad will face England in the final Ashes Test in Adelaide

All six teams in Australia have been knocked out in their last three Tests.

The final Test was postponed after rain forced the All Blacks to play an extra day rather than start the day.

As a result, four of the eight teams in Australia play each other. And the three teams that did not play an extra day have played three more Tests.

England beat New Zealand 4-1 but lost the tour by six wickets in their first outing since losing the 2013 series in the Caribbean.

England batsman Dan Bowyer (left) talks to Australian captain Michael Clarke during the first day of their Test match, at Taunton

‘Women’s cricket pitch smaller’ – and it could be worse

When Australia hosts England for the fourth Ashes Test, the home side will have to run a different set of pitches.

In a recent article on Australian cricket, The Age cricket writer Graham Parker said the home team needed to switch in the event of playing England in a tournament that featured two Test matches.

He argued the Test pitches in New Zealand and the West Indies, where matches are over in 24 hours, did an excellent job of providing a fair Test cricket experience for fans, and he said the home side

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