What are the 6 types of voices? – Learn Singing Beginners

Which of these do you hear during your dreams? What are your thoughts when you hear them? Let’s find out!

Vibrational Voice

What it sounds like:

Sitting in a chair or car

A door closing

Something clicking

A door opening

Biting into something

This is usually the sign of an energetic voice. However, be careful to look out for false positives:

Are the vibrations coming from the outside in or around a room?

Does the vibration sound like it’s coming from inside the room (or vice versa)? If so, does it sound like a different room or someone is speaking? Is there a lot of air movement?

Is the vibration in your surroundings like a helicopter or a jet engine on fire?

This kind of voice typically comes from an energetic medium. An empathetic voice comes from an energy body: the spiritual realm, the afterlife, God.

If the sound seems to be coming from something you are not familiar with, investigate further. If it sounds like a “vibrational” voice, check in with a professional.

Vibrational, non-vibrational

Vibrational non-vibrational (VNV) voices have the characteristics of both the vibrational and the non-vibrational Voice Types in that they are very specific to every person or situation they are heard in.

Vibrational VOICE: The VNV voice is a non-vibrational voice that tends to sound cold. In addition, it tends to speak in a very detached speech.

Examples of VNV voices

A married couple with no children: “Well, there you are. I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do about this. You should get over here for a few minutes and talk to me.”

A woman on a business trip to Australia: “Look at my shoes! They’re perfect! I think these are from Italy. How many pairs do you have?”

A woman on a business trip to Brazil: “How is your husband? You seem very relaxed today.”

A man on a business trip to Russia: “You seem so well-rested. I’m glad you’re not sick.”

“That night, I had this thought. Why don’t I just call you tonight.”

“I know what you’re thinking. But I’m in New York.”

“Your husband is

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