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The voice is a series of hollow tubes, called ossicles, which are arranged like a tree. The ossicles are shaped like tree roots and contain three types of vocal tissue — the tragus, the osculum and the pharynx — all of which form a vocal tube.

As a child, people begin to learn how to produce voice, and the voice develops into a strong, distinct and warm tone. Because adult vocal cords contain only the tragus and osculum, adult vocal cords don’t have an ossicle like a baby’s olfactory tubes (also called the oscular system).

What is the origin and structure of the vocal chords?

The vocal cords do not connect to the brain but are instead made of cartilage, called vocal folds, which extend from the back of the throat to the top of the head. Each vocal fold is composed of two muscles, the vibrissae and the velum. Vocal folds vibrate together and produce the voice. Each vibrissae moves up and down in pitch which creates a strong sound when the vocal cords open (opens the ossicles). Each ossicle in children has a set of muscles from the olfactory bulbs (located on the back of the tongue) to the velum that controls the vibrissae and then extends out into the tragus to help vibrate the vocal folds.

What are the functions of the vocal cords?

Vocal cords are highly vocal organs. The vocal cords help create the sound of the voice and produce a continuous voice. The vocal cords also help regulate the heart rate and respiration. Vocal cords are highly sensitive structures because they are responsible for maintaining a consistent sense of the mouth’s shape. These are the properties that many find most beautiful in nature.

How does a child learn how to speak?

Learning to speak begins as soon as your child is born. These early words have an important role in creating a more mature, and adult, language as you age. The earliest signs of speaking may also be seen in children with Asperger syndrome before the age of three years. Children with Asperger and Autism typically don’t have a full language comprehension until around age five. They may not be able to speak but may be able to grasp the grammar of a language.

What does the vocal cord look like when you think about it?

To create a clear picture of the basic vocal cords,

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