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Cord muscles are in the front of your mouth with the flap of hair between them. The vocal cords are actually just one big hair follicle. But, you might see a little tuft of hair around the edge of them and this tuft of hair actually comes out when it’s in the vocal folds. The vocal cords also have a bunch of ridges and ridges of the folds on top and bottom. That’s about as complicated as it gets.

What are the four most commonly reported conditions for which female vocal cords are often damaged?

The two most common conditions for voice damage are:

Congenital – that’s your birth problem.

Congenital cysts/dysplasia (also known in the medical world as congenital malformation)

Congenital cysts are conditions where the vocal cords are being damaged prior to birth. Because the vocal cord does not have a proper connection with the ossified muscles which hold it up, it can be stretched and twisted out of it’s natural position.

It takes several years to repair these abnormalities and, after that, it’s usually not too long after this before it starts to normal. This can cause it to start to hurt.

Congenital cysts/dysplasia can cause significant damage to vocal cords and vocal cords can be affected at any of these age intervals.

Also, if you’re having vocal cord surgery or have your vocal cords surgically repaired, the patient needs to be monitored closely all night. The surgeon should be careful to ensure that the vocal cords are not injured or compressed during that night.

Owing to the possibility of vocal cord rupture, the medical professionals working on your vocal cords would want to keep you close. So, you will be closely monitored after being sedated and kept awake 24/7.

Congenital malformation is a more rare condition. Congenital malformation is where the vocal cord itself is wrong or wrong shape. It means that the vocal cords are not connected correctly like they should be.

A congenital malformation also requires a lot more surgery. And a lot more treatment over a larger area than a congenital cyst or malformation. This is why the vocal cords need more monitoring after surgery.

So, while they aren’t that common, vocal cords can be affected at any age. If you’re on the older side and are undergoing vocal cord surgery, always make sure your doctor

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