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Harmony refers to the harmony between two notes that cannot exist alone. In harmony the two notes are both in the same position, but they do not exist with the same relation to each other. For instance, if the root (first note) in B major is C#, the other notes in this same scale may not exist in their own right or be in their usual places. Harmonies are usually determined by certain notes, but sometimes a change in the scale may bring them together.

A few examples of harmony might be,


A major triad


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Minor Pentatonic and Minor 7

Minor 6


Ionian Minor


Dominic minor (Minor 7)

Ionian 7

A minor triad is a three note chord, but it is not necessarily a major chord. You can imagine a major triad is a C major triad with a minor third in the middle. A minor seventh is a C minor seventh with a minor eighth above it. The major 7th is a minor seventh with a major second below it. When a chord is described as perfect (the note is the same every time it is played), it is a major Triad. When it is described as imperfect, it is a Minor Seven. These are not the only types of harmony. There are also modes. In music theory, mode names are used by musicians to describe their relationships to other musicians or to the world of music itself.

You can think of harmony like a ladder: from one side of the ladder the notes are in the same position to the other side of the ladder. The notes on the side of the scale above the major 7th and the notes on the side of the scale below the minor 6th are in harmony on the first side. The notes on the second side are of course in a different position to those on the first side.

The most frequent type of harmony in Western music is that of the major 3rd. For the major 3rd, three notes are in the same position, but they are not in the right position for the most common chords in Western music. For example, the major 7th chord is a Cmaj7 chord (Ionian), but instead of being a Cmaj7 chord, it is a major 7th. In a major 3rd there can be any three major third notes.

You can try to put the major 7

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