What does harmony mean in music? – Which Is The Easy Key To Learn Singing Notes Scale

Some theorists like to claim that harmony arises from the interplay between instruments playing in unison. So the musical harmony as I would say it is, and the harmony is all about a harmony between the musical instruments playing and harmonizing. I would like to emphasize that this may actually be a fallacy. It is actually the fact that it is all about two opposing forces in the instrument, which in my view is what makes the music of the orchestra possible.

What is the musical “hierarchy” (a hierarchy of scales)?

If we have to choose, we need to differentiate between musical chords and harmonic scales. As such, the chord is the most basic type of scale. It is a kind of chord in terms of the relation between the notes and the shape of each note.

In all other types of music there are other kinds of scales which do not correspond to actual notes, but to the order of a musical note. For example, there is a third-order ascending and descending scale which is used to describe the harmonic progression of a musical work. This third-order descending scale is based on a progression of thirds, but it actually is based on a progression of fifths. It is called a natural third. It is, of course, an ascending scale, but it is a descending kind of scale.

The musical scale of the piano is based on a major scale and an antiphon. However, each key of a major scale has different qualities, and this is a scale which does not have the qualities of the fifth note. It has only the qualities of the thirds. It is based upon the natural third, but it has the qualities of the second note. The piano’s scale is therefore a fifths scale.

Do you agree with the definition which you proposed before?

Absolutely. I think that, as one of my dear teachers said; “When you try to apply a theory to music you should do it in a different way from what it was originally intended to do.”

What does the term “metronome system” mean to you?

I used to work in a factory where there was a machine which played music in which there were nine beats per minute. A very modern music machine is one which is always running and it plays a music for which it constantly calculates to get the number of beats per minute. It makes use of a special type of clock which is very sensitive, and it makes the use of this clock very intelligent.

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