What does perfect pitch mean? – How To Learn Singing At Home

Perfect pitch is defined as the pitch of the sounds that a human ear is capable of detecting, while non-perfect pitch is the pitch that only sounds perfect after years or ever-loudening environments. In fact, according to research, even very little changes in the environment affect all sounds in an intelligible way, such as music, and we all make our own pitch changes based on what other people are listening to. Perfect pitch is a perfect description for the sound of the human ear!

Perfect Pitch is the reason people who are deaf can hear the sounds of humans and other animals that speak. Perfect pitch, or pitch in the middle of the human spectrum, will change dramatically depending on the environment in a musical production and how long the performers are in the booth working. If you are working with someone, your own natural pitch will change based on what sounds they are hearing. As the performer moves through the show or goes from one booth to another, the pitch of their pitch will slowly fluctuate. It does not mean they will suddenly become “perfect!”

In a perfect setting, pitch will fluctuate less and less throughout the show, as the quality and tone of the stage/drum/bass will become more and more perfect as the sounds continue to improve and the performer moves through the show.

Are there ways to find out exactly what pitch is a performer is producing?

It’s quite possible to discover your own pitch on our AudioSibelâ„¢ software and/or your speaker’s built-in meter, but it’s not really a guarantee. In fact, it may not be a good idea! We’ll keep you posted as to what our sensors are currently detecting.

What kind of equipment is required for perfect pitch and where is it needed?

Pitch measurement devices must take readings that can be tracked accurately. For this, we use various devices such as the AudioSibelâ„¢ app on your smartphone or tablet that automatically takes audio measurements. Using the built-in meter you should be able to determine your perfect pitch as part of the audio recording. It requires you to be in the exact sound booth exactly as the show is being performed, but that simply means a minimum, and usually a very slow speed that allows you to track very fine (and accurate) changes in pitch. For people who need to work in very high-pitched settings, we strongly recommend the AudioSibelâ„¢ app for iOS and Android. It accurately tracks individual changes in pitch and takes you very close

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