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In a nutshell, it is the practice of attempting to imitate the character of others. It occurs all the time in sport and especially in the drama. It has a natural element of bravery.

Bravada is the name generally given to the act of putting on a brave face about something that is not quite right or right about something else. It is a part of acting and a part of music. But it is less apt for music than for music. It can be an artful evasion or an effective way of describing a difficult situation.

When the singer is acting as a character the situation or circumstance may be real or imaginary. The singer is usually acting as an artist working on a musical idea or plot.

It is difficult to describe this kind of face in music but we can see it in the way that we talk about music and how we talk about characters.

It has an element of vanity and pride in people who perform it. It is often accompanied by a sense of confidence or self-satisfaction. At least it goes to show that our performances are something to aspire to.

A singer can do the “bravado” of singing when he pretends that he is playing a character as if he were the real thing. In music a singer can also pretend he is composing a song and the musician playing it is the singer. A singer can also act in an “unconventional, or unorthodox manner” or “play the part of a character or character in a play or movie”.

It can also sometimes mean that a singer gives his performance not to himself, but mainly to a character or character in a show – a character that in his view has been created by himself. In the show, it is the actor playing the part that the singer pretends has been created by himself. In drama, it goes the other way around. In this way, the singer is playing the character of the character he pretends to be playing himself.

A musical conceit is to pretend that the whole thing is an original idea. It can sound very pretentious if you don’t know it.

In the drama, the actor can even act as a character. This kind of persona can be used to make sure his performance is authentic.

In music, a performer pretends that he is working on creating his own piece of work or piece of music.

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