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In the age of video and sound quality, bravado has come to mean a lack of responsibility, and I’m afraid that’s why we all fall for this silly trick. I mean, what kind of a narcissist can’t admit that something isn’t just great, it’s perfect, or the ultimate form of self-promotion in a world devoid of them? But let’s be honest, these people are just as gullible when it comes to the music videos of their idols. They’d never be able to discern the difference if they tried. The video you just saw is a masterpiece. So what did you see?

Check back tomorrow for the second leg of a mini-series about our favourite rock videos from yesterday and what you can learn from them.

When the last round of the playoffs wrapped up, the Chicago Fire lost their top three scorers from last year’s playoff run. Not to worry, Chicago has been busy signing two new players over the last several weeks and now that the playoffs are over, they can finally look forward to getting into the offseason.

The deal they just signed is a solid one for them and while we won’t see them until January to start, they should be able to add a wide-spread of talent to either their starting XI or a reserve side. Let’s take a look.

Mauro Rosales

At this point in Rosales’ career, he has not looked like one of the top-tier strikers on the planet. He looked a little off in the postseason and the Fire were not exactly happy with his form in that competition, but now that they’ve finally gotten a win out of it, you can expect them to make his move.

When the Fire lost to Real Salt Lake in Round 1 of this year’s playoffs, Rosales was a big factor, scoring two goals in four games. The fire had been getting quality opportunities down deep, yet it was a team effort that was very effective. He had a decent performance at the start of the match, which is always good, but it was all about the Fire’s attack. Rosales’s performance was nothing to write home about, but he’s only 24 so things can hopefully improve.
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Rosales looks like he is primed to be a major contributor and it’s likely the club will be looking for options after having lost one of their most high-profile players. A return can also bring in some cheap players, as they still have plenty of young talent to buy.

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