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In other words… Why the ‘A’ word? It’s because they were just being honest! Yes, in reality, the ‘A’ is pronounced in a different way. However, the real and real purpose of the ‘A’ is to say “you” or “the man”, to remind the listener it’s a man.

That means for all intents and purposes, the words “you” and “the man” were created in a society and time in which there was almost no social justice and discrimination to speak of. For decades this social justice was used as a method of dehumanizing and treating others in a negative, uncritical way. For most people’s existence, “you” never had to be spoken, only heard. “You” never had to consider anything else other than “the man”. “The man” never had to be thought about or talked about. The very word “man” itself is a dehumanization because it is used to describe a certain group of people, without any thought of their differences or the fact they may actually believe what they say.

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Even in our modern day, in a society of “equality” and equality with other men and women, there is still a stigma about being male and men. This stigma is called “shaming” and it is something people have been taught not to let go of. People who are known to be strong or masculine have been taught for the last hundred years to hide their real selves for the sake of social acceptance.

It doesn’t matter if it’s social or familial, personal or professional, in the world the “man” is treated as a man and his flaws as a person.

Today most men are taught to “show their man-hood” and “to act like a man.” In this world, however, the words “man” or even “manliness” are not spoken at all in public or even on television. These words are just not “known” in our modern time.

There are many reasons, including personal safety, in our modern time of the “show your man-ness” and “the way you look” mentality and the stigma attached with them, we can’t even consider the fact that what we are doing today, in our modern day, is actually harming men and boys, in particular, young men and boys.

The words “men,” in the world today, are used to make boys feel guilty about their masculinity, which in turn causes these boys to be more

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