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A semi tone is a note that is 2 semitones lower than the standard scale note that is being played. If you have an E flat tuning guitar and you play a F#, you will play it like an E flat tuning guitar. Here is a picture of a F# guitar tuning in this manner:

How does a semi tone sound?

Well, the semi tone does sound a lot better as it is so easy to play… However, the best way to learn to play any semi tone is to play some solid tuning. A solid tuning is an accurate tuning that has a perfect pitch. For example, a F# in D major can give you a very precise tuning but you have to be a great musician to play it. A semi tone is an accurate tuning that has a perfectly perfect pitch. This is more difficult to do but you will find it will be more enjoyable than playing an accurate tuning. You will have to practice more to become proficient at playing an accurate tuning. Once you find an accurate tuning, then you can be ready to learn to play this note.

Is there a way to determine your perfect pitch from semi tone?

Not all semi tones are equal in pitch. There are some notes that are very fast and other notes that can be played very slowly (usually faster than other semi tones.) But, there are some great semi tones. A good place to start for learning to play semi tones will be your favorite bar or jazz piano. Try to play a short chord from memory. This will get you started on your learning process. Practice it in your free time if you have no other choice. Try to find a music teacher that does this on a regular basis. Many teachers will find you an accurate tuning so that the most of their business is about correcting your tuning. The easiest way to learn a solid tuning is to play with a solid tuning key and a solid tuning key change for each solo as it is easier to learn the notes. When you find a note that is really easy to play and plays correctly, like the note above, then you have discovered your perfect tuning, which is easy to play. Once you find that note, you will notice a difference to all other semitones. Just start by playing the note and the only change will be on the low note. Then, try to find a second note that is a fast one and plays correctly and you will start to find the perfect notes. Once you find those notes, just play them over the top of

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