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How does it relate to the other types of data?

What is a data source? Can you list any information sources and/or data sources?

Who are you? What is your job title?

Which data sources? Can you provide any information that is not already available in your database? What is the data source?

What do you have to share, and for how long? Why is your information being shared? Will it be publicly available?

Do you want to sell the data? If so, who’s selling your data?

What do you want for the data? Does it need to be publicly available?

Who has access to the data? What do they have to do with the data?

Is there a risk that your data might leak out? What do you do about it?

What kinds of data are available for purchase? Can I buy anything? How much?

Will you sell to a third party? If so is that a data source? What is its fee, and who pay it?

What data is not part of your business unit? Is it part of the public domain or owned by someone else?

What kind of information does not fall under other categories?

What’s your strategy for protecting the data on your sites? Are there any steps to take to keep your data private and out of the public domain?

When will you do the survey? When will you send out the results?

How do you share the results? You’re offering me a free trial, can I make use of it?

You’ve asked people to submit their information anonymously to you, why do you do this? Are you required to share this information?

Are you legally obliged to reveal this info to me?

What if I don’t like my result? Why don’t you release it?

Does it matter who is doing the survey? I’m willing to share this information with anyone. What are your policy regarding who’s actually doing the surveys?

What is your privacy policy? (I’ll assume you have a privacy policy.) What does it say about your privacy, and how can I get it?

Do you give out your results to anyone? If so, who?

Can I find you on LinkedIn or other search engines? (I can only find you on the web.)

What is your privacy policy on Facebook, Flickr, Reddit, Twitter, and other

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