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In “A Song of Ice and Fire” it is the highest key, which is a nice way of saying the lowest note to sing the song.

Why do you sing in fourths?

So that I can sing one full note per octave. This was a difficult concept to realize after I studied classical music and found I’d always sing in fourths. But then as I got to realize what the higher pitches really were to me, I figured out that the highest pitch was only a single octave lower than the lowest. I wanted to use that as a springboard into singing higher notes. And fourth notes are a great foundation for higher.

How do you know the notes of C Major?

Well, here’s the difference between major and minor. Major: there’s one perfect fifth and the notes are all the same length. In minor: there’s a perfect fourth and each note is between 1/4 and 2/3 the length. This can be a little tricky to remember when trying to sing these major notes but it is a solid, intuitive idea.

Do you write a song for one chord or for two?

Yes, I write two or more song pieces that are meant to be sung a number of times and to be played in a multitude of contexts. I do use this in writing and arranging.

Why do you write a song each time you record it?
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I can’t say why. I’ve actually recorded several pieces of music and not had a tune I liked for a while. If you write an entire piece and then forget it (and I mean to forget it), it’s easy to get a sense of how it works and not like the original thing you wrote. But if it’s a part of your own body, you forget about it and it’s hard to let it go, not to mention it’s a great thing when you get it out of your system because it gives you a clearer, more solid foundation for the next part.

Who are you listening to while doing your singing?

I listen to a variety of music: blues, soul, classical, jazz, gospel. I listen to everything but always try to find something that’s not a solo.

Have you done any singing workshops?

Yes, but only once. I did it for seven months. It really helped me.

What’s the most challenging part of singing your songs in front of anyone?

It would have to be getting

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