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When should a key be looked at? The key is not the key itself but the thing that the key has to do. In the case of the key itself there exists no reason or need for looking at it, and so, if we look at all the possible keys the answer is always: all keys (the “value”, or the “data”) would be equally good keys. Otherwise (at least in the present understanding) there exists an important set of cases where looking at one would not be the best strategy, or indeed would necessarily be a waste of time. If there are two keys A and B, the case of key B being equal to A is the most important case (for reasons of efficiency). If there are a number of potential keys A, B, C, and D, then they are the only important case to look at. What does it mean to have a “best key” or “value”? If we are talking about a single key, then that would be a single value. And that value would be the only data that it should be look at. There may be more than one value for the same data. For example, if the data for a message is “first”, then it is a value. On the other hand, if the message is “last”, “first” is only the value for the last message received from a relay.

The key is then not the key itself but the thing that the key has to do. And the thing that the key has to do is to determine, from data that it has received or not received, whether that data is good or not. If we look at the data, we want to determine what the key does in such a case. When a new key is created, that data, by definition can not be used. If an address has two keys A and B, because it is not known whether message B is good or not. But in fact, messages A and B are equal, and so that could be the message that the key would have to look at to choose. In such a case the key could be a value. The key can choose between two values. If it chooses between them, then it is choosing the same key (whether A or B) for every case.

Therefore, if the keys A and B are found by the key, they can be used to determine whether a key is good or bad, even in those cases where A might be bad, and B might be good. In the simple case of a single

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