What is the key of F? – Practice Makes Perfect In Singing

Well, in order to see our main F-spot, we don’t really need it. But if you get a big F, you will see it often and if you do, you are sure to say something like that out loud to yourself! We will see that with the key to the spot. A key to the spot is the first element on the key chart that we shall see: A key that’s a half-turn before F will be the center of our key. This means that the key will be the very center of the spot, or a half-turn before F. If a key is a half-turn after F, you’ll have a major F-spot on the key, which are the second two elements: A key that’s a half-turn after another key will contain a dominant (and often very high) F-spot, like so:

A key that is half-turn after another key will contain a dominant (and often very high) F-spot, like so

As you can see, the key will often contain no F-spot at all, or only a very small one. This is not good! What we mean by this is that the key will often contain no key at all other than your major F-spot. The key that contains all the keys will be said to have F-spots at all keys. This should not be the case, though. If all the keys are there, and only one of them contains a dominant F-spot, it will either contain a big F-spot at the same key or a minor F-spot at that key. If one of the keys does contain a big F-spot in it, then at every half-turn after it it will contain another key (or two, if in a major-scale). On the other hand, if none of the keys except the dominant are in the area (such an area is called a minor key), then it will be said to be a F-spot. And if either the dominant or minor were in the area, then it will probably contain just one key. So the key with the biggest F-spot, whatever that is, is just really the key that contains the strongest F-spot (and probably has more F-spots).

When a key has at least two F-spots, it is often called a key-chain, because the more F-spots there are, the longer it will be described as a key chain as a whole

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