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It’s an instrument that plays the notes you’re playing. It’s like a piano when you play it. It’s just the instrument you have for the music. But it’s also a part of how you do it, how you work with these instruments. I think the most important thing has to do with the sound, just like when you play on an instrument. If you play too fast or too slow, the quality of your playing gets worse. You have to pick one tone between these two extremes. You have to play fast and slow and then, once again, you can get the same thing but the sound in the middle between the two can be a hell of a lot better.

What instruments do you play?

I play mostly guitars (on some songs), bass (on others). I’ve always been a drummer. I played on a lot of reggae-rock records, but the best bands to hear in my career were probably U2 and Pink Floyd. That’s the hardest bands to hear because I’d never played drums, so that was the one that felt like a real band. I don’t play on the ukulele that much; it’s just an extension of drumming. I’m not a good enough drummer to play something like that.

One of the hardest things about going into a new solo album is that there’s a great deal of different styles out there. Are there any genres that you’ve wanted to go into since you started to play?

Yeah. I did a record in 1995 which was called “All That Heaven Allows.” It would’ve been great if I were in another genre, but it’s not like I want to be in something that doesn’t have any impact on the way I live, but it’s the least impactful band I’ve ever been in, but it’s still a band that I can sing in.

Do you think they wanted you to sing on this record?

I don’t know that. I think they just didn’t get the band that I was on. In ’96, I’ve always had a hard time hearing people like Billy Cobham play because I felt like I was being put in a room with people that are kind of the same as me, and I wasn’t able to sing at all on the band at the time. When I did The Longest Journey in 2000, I played with a lot of different artists when they came on tour. I’ve done a lot of festivals in the back and the

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