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It is a fast, quick pitch, not too hard but not easy either (to throw out or to avoid).

The pitch is straight up and straight down, as shown in the figure below. The top of the ball will hit the ground about one-sixteenth of the way down.

What is the launch angle?

The launch angle is a measure of how far the ball will travel with each pitch. The launch angle is often the deciding factor for how a baseball player will be rated. As shown in the figure above, the launch angle is a positive number when the ball is straight up (i.e., as shown in the curve) and a negative number when the ball is straight down (i.e., as shown in the x-axis).

What are the speeds?

Below are the values for the ball speeds. Each ball speed represents the average velocity over several pitches for the same batter.

The ball speeds used in this article were recorded on a baseball with a circumference of about 10 feet.

Speed is the speed a baseball hits the ground.

The average velocity is shown in the figure below. This is an approximate average velocity over two pitches, which is the case for most fastballs:

Pitch Type

Ball Speed Fastball Softball Strikeout Contact

How is speed measured?

In most cases, speed is measured directly using a ball weighing 3.1 ounces and measuring 3-1/2 inches in diameter. The diameter of the weighted ball is measured by taking one inch off the back and rounding it on each side.

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The measured speed is then divided by the square root of that number. Thus, 1.0545 x3.1 = 3.1.

How is this number determined?

For many baseballs, the diameter in feet is not directly measured. Rather, the diameter in inches is multiplied by 2 to give the size of the ball.

The weight of the ball itself is measured as 2 lbs. The weight of the weighted baseball can be calculated using the formula 1 lb. X 2.5 x 0.05 = 2.5 = 8.5 lbs. If 8.5 lbs. were included in the total weight of the weighted baseball, the circumference of the weighted baseball would be 10 inches.

How can I find out the diameter in inches of an ordinary weighted baseball?

To find the diameter of the batting average ball you can measure the

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