What is tone in music terms? – Learn Singing English Songs

It’s the difference between making a song like a rock song and making a song like a pop song. The difference between that and an acoustic guitar is that they sound different.

So then what is tone, precisely? If a guitar and a singer play like the same thing, how can the guitar and the singer give both musicians good performances?

What we really need is the ability to make both instruments sound good together. There are basically two types of instrument tones: acoustic and electric.

An acoustic guitar has a higher pitched treble and lower octave notes than a guitar. For example, the F sharp F chord in rock guitar sounds different to the high F, A, D, D sound seen in a C# minor chord. So if two guitarists play something similar in sound, they’ll both get excellent performances, but with a different tone.

Electrically produced guitar sounds similar to the high B, C, D (or some other high notes) seen in a minor chord. The guitar sound in rock and pop music differs from the natural sound of a fingerpicking guitar.

The idea is that if two instruments are tuned similarly, two instrument tones will sound similar. So if you make a rock (a rock tune) string bass/banjo sound like an F electric guitar, a singer can play a C# minor chord, a guitar can play a minor chord, and musicians will get an excellent performance.

So the key here isn’t to get specific. It’s to get as close as you can to sounding like a rock string bass/banjo. If you’ve got some ideas, now let us know in the comments section!

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