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The idea that there’s some natural distinction between writing a word and reading it is a false one. A more accurate way of looking at this is to take these words in any order we like and see what sort of effect they would have in relation to one another.

We’re looking at some words on a word cloud and they were all selected from some combination of words that were used throughout the course of the exam. Now what does the first word look like?

Let’s look at a few examples:

The first page is a random selection of words from the course. The idea for this exercise is that any sentence chosen from these words will also be randomly selected from many more words that are later chosen, so that it’s like this:

There were four cars in the yard when it collapsed.

If we were to have a random word cloud of the test, the first words on it will be what you could call nouns, which are words you already know, and the last ones will be verbs, which you don’t know yet.

So if you have two of the common nouns, they are one-third as likely to appear in the word cloud.

But that is not very useful. If we are trying to assess your knowledge, then what your focus should be is to learn as many verbs as you can. You know the list of 100 nouns, so it’s time to think about how much of them fit with these 100 nouns, and to apply that knowledge to each noun.

Using other words can make this much easier. Let’s do the same for verbs:

Two car drivers, the same age, were caught together in a crash.

Each test question is one sentence, and it will be as far from the original one as possible. But there may be verbs that are used in the test. As a general rule, it will be sensible to read out as many of these verbs as appropriate to help you learn the language and memorise what they are.

Here’s an example of a sentence that can be taken more seriously:

Four cars collided.

Here’s an idea, as an optional exercise – let’s say that your answer will be “Four cars” – and you go for it a couple of times. Then you have to look at the words. You realise that four is not included in the “four” and that it’s three words, and you have to start again. That can

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