What note is E minor? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Notes Low To High Chart Pattern

That’s easy. It’s the chord you’re reading right now, A minor.

I love the tone of my E minor.

And how about the fifth part of your E minor, C-E-B-E-A?


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And if this guitar was played in E minor, how would it sound?

If it had a different tuning…

I could use a different fret.

How about the D or F#?

No. Don’t use the note the guitar doesn’t have. Why do you ask?

Because the E is the same note as all the other pitches, so you use the E as the scale. I like to use the notes other songs played in G-major, since they’re very similar. Also, I like to use the scale the way a guitarist would use it in a live performance, with a lot of fingerings.

Why do you always play up and down?

Because one of the reasons I like to play in a rhythm is to play fast-tempo songs.

What’s your favourite song of all times?

It’s got to be “I Love to Dream” by the Ramones!

Do I need to give you three choice examples?

Because this is the first time I’m taking a musical theory lesson in over a year, so I’m excited to listen to them and help you develop your own techniques as well.

And what are these tunes called?

E minor, D minor, Fsharp minor and G major.

D-sharp minor, E-flat major, G-flat major and G-minor.

E major, D major, Fsharp minor and D-minor.

And what are they called again?

It’s all those different chords.

So let’s move on, but this time…



D major…

I love those D major chords.

And we can use these notes.

We can use the scale you’ve learned.

Gm-sharp minor…






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