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How do I determine which one to use? What if I choose a letter that the font doesn’t support? What if I don’t own a font that supports the “bold” feature you are asking about?

The font I select is not necessarily the same as the one the word is written in. It may even refer to a different font. It’s always a good idea to make certain you have a font file that supports the word you want to write, for example C, which is the most widespread letter in English. I also have a personal choice for the “normal” word, e.g., ‘D’. However, if the word I need is a more unusual word (e.g., ‘hmm’) or if the word is written in a different script, it is important to use a font that can display the words in that script. If some people think “Boom” sounds like “boom,” it’s not a good font for the “bounce” sound. You might find that a font whose name ends in -B might be useful.

What if a font supports other languages than English by default?

There is no set rule on this, and it should be left to the designer. If you choose a font with a default set of characters, but one that is available in a lot languages or different scripts, you might consider using some of the non-English characters the font uses in the name or font description. For example, in the example below, the Chinese character 开 could be used. And some people want to use the Unicode characters such as the Cyrillic characters С and М.

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I see that my font is listed with a different font size than specified in the download and that you want to make sure it displays correctly in my word processor.

It’s normal. Sometimes this will be a small font with a small type or it could be a font that can support a large or wide font. I recommend you consider buying a font for that size using the same program to make sure it will display correctly.

In my fonts, I can’t use punctuation in my font, such as an exclamation mark.

That is normal. That usually is a font that works well for the same purposes, and that just works and looks better than the font in question. Usually it’s just an issue of personal choice whether or not you want those characters included in the font. If you have any trouble, please do let me

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